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Russian-language skiing courses by the new year holiday weeks

You can participate in a course at your specific skill level and enjoy the company of our great russian speaking instructors and fellow skiers.

If you have never tried downhill skiing before, this is a great way to start. We will help you get started with skiing and become familiar with your equipment. We will first teach you to glide on your skis, stop and make turns on easy slopes, and as you develop, you will become confident snowplough skier and get familiar with lifts.

for 5 to 11 YEARS / TEENS & ADULTS

These groups are for people who already have already some experience of skiing. Participants will be split into groups according to their skill level at the beginning of the course. We guarantee that you will receive a wonderful ski experience with lots of new skills. You can check your skill level from here.

Russian Groups meeting point is next to the SkiBistro restaurant and Rosa & Rudolf Family Park - beginners area, on the East side of Ruka (Ruka Valley).

Lessons are daily at 10.00-11.45 or
at 2.-4.1. there is also afternoon group at 14.00-15.45, 
lessons are each day at the same starting time,
that you must choose when you do the booking.

3-half day course price is 96€ / 5-12 yrs and 105€ / teen & adult

Group size is min. 3 person / group / skill level.
If there is only 2 person in a Group, course is 2 x 1h45min,
if only 1 person, course is 1 x 1h45min. 

Reservations must be made in advance, no later than the day before the course by 15.00 o'clock. We recommend making your reservation well in advance. 

NOTE ! Due the Covid-19 situation, we are not offering these  Russian language skiing courses at the moment

Book course online

Book your course at online shop. If you have any questions, send us an email skischool@ruka.fi or give us a call +358-(0)400-101 636.


Ski passes, first-time skiing/snowboarding experience

If you are complete beginner, you will need usually for the first two lessons at least the Rosa & Rudolf Family Park - ticket (10€/person/day). Or you may also buy the combination day ticket for the use of Gondola lift and Family Park entrance, that is from 3-11 years: 18€/day, and teen & adults: 22€/day. 

For your next lesson(s) to improve your skills to next level: usually during the 3rd lesson you should be ready to learn to use other lifts (pole-lift, Gondola-lift, chair-lifts) and ski/board down at blue level slopes - and you'll then need normal lift ticket (that also has access to Rosa & Rudolf Family Park). 

Read more about all kind of lift-ticket prices. Shop Ski Passes online and save 5%.
Ski passes that are bought latest the previous day before midnight will get 5% discount!

Ski passes

Every student needs either Rosa & Rudolf Family Park area ticket or normal lift ticket, upon his/her skill level. If child is under 6 yrs old and parent has normal ski-lift ticket, the child will get free-of-charge lift ticket for the same period as parent's ticket is valid. Normal ski-lift ticket includes also access to the Rosa & Rudolf Family Park.

Buy the ski pass easily in advance from the online store. You are entitled to a 5% discount for the ski passes purchased online the previous day before midnight (24.00) at the latest.

Go to ski pass online store


If you don't have your own equipment, you can rent them in advance online and collect them ready packed from the online rental shop's service desk at VuosselinPortti or PisteVuokraamo. You can pick up the equipment already the previous day by 18.00, once you've received a text message from the rental shop. VuosselinPortti rental shop is situated close by the ski school's group course meeting place. Private lessons start either near PisteVuokraamo (at Ruka Village), VuosselinPortti or Rosa & Rudolf Family Park (at Ruka Valley, East Ruka).

Go to online rental shop

If you have not pre-booked equipment, we advice you to arrive to the rental shop at least 30min before the lesson starts. During high season we recommend you to come to the rental shop at least 45min before the lesson starts. Please, notice the time what is needed for a transport from your rental to the right meeting point.

Online rental shop price list available here.

You can also rent ski clothing from the rental shop.

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