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Snowboard taster course

Snowboarding is as fun as it looks! This easy taster course is great to first-timers 
and absolutely no previous experience is needed. 

Snowboarding taster course takes you to test how to slide with the board, how to control speed and start practicing turnings at most easy slope. At our Rosa & Rudolf Family Park where is 5 magic carpet lifts, learning the basic skills and use of lift, it is most easy and fun too. 

incl. 1h45min taster course, 3h equipment set with helmet rent and Rosa & Rudolf Family Park entrance ticket (1day) 

If you have already equipment / FP entrance ticket: Course price is 39€

TIME SCHEDULE: every SATURDAY from 14th of DEC until 22nd of FEB
Meeting with ski-instructor either at 10.00 am at Ruka Village, Ski School meeting sign next to the Gondola-lift bottom station or at 10.15 am at Ruka Valley, Rosa & Rudolf Family Park Ski, school meeting sign is near the entrance gate. 
Lesson time is 10.00.-11.45.

BOOKINGS: latest the day before by 3 pm.
Group size 2 to 10 person. If only 1 booking, lesson will be 50 min long.

Check also our 3 to 5 half-day English snoboarding courses, that starts every Monday from 14th of Dec until 15th of Feb.  

Course calender for bookings for the ski season Season 2020-2021 will be open at 10th of Oct.

Ski passes, first-time skiing/snowboarding experience

If you are complete beginner, you will need usually for the first two lessons at least the Rosa & Rudolf Family Park - ticket (10€/person/day). Or you may also buy the combination day ticket for the use of Gondola lift and Family Park entrance, that is from 3-11 years: 18€/day, and teen & adults: 22€/day. 

For your next lesson(s) to improve your skills to next level: usually during the 3rd lesson you should be ready to learn to use other lifts (pole-lift, Gondola-lift, chair-lifts) and ski/board down at blue level slopes - and you'll then need normal lift ticket (that also has access to Rosa & Rudolf Family Park). 

Read more about all kind of lift-ticket prices. Shop Ski Passes online and save 5%.
Ski passes that are bought latest the previous day before midnight will get 5% discount!

Ski School meeting points

1. RUKA VALLEY / Rosa & Rudolf Family Park (at East Ruka): ski school meeting sign is nearby the entrance gate to Family Park and bottom station of the Gondola lift. 
2. VUOSSELINPORTTI meeting sign is at slope side of the VuosselinPortti rental house (at East Ruka). If you are complete beginner, we can also make first exercises there (on flat area), before moving to Rosa & Rudolf Family Park (about 5 min walk).  
3. RUKA VILLAGE: Ski school meeting sign @ PISTE is beside of the Piste Rental house front door, next to Gondola Bottom station. If you are complete beginner; you could also start the lesson from this meeting point and go together with your instructor to Gondola lift and to Rosa & Rudolf Family Park to learn to ski/snowboard.


If you book the taster course 9.-22.12.19 with equipment set: Equipment set should be pick-up from the Piste rental Shop, latest by 20 min before you go either to the Gondola-lift or to the ski bus (at 9.45. from the center of the Ruka Village bus stop to the last bus stop at Ruka Valley/East Ruka).

If you book the taster course 23.12.19-22.2.2020, with equipment set: Equipment set should be pick-up from the Valley rental Shop / East Ruka, latest by 15min before the course starts. That rental is just next to the Rosa & Rudolf Family Park.

If your accomodation is nearby the center of the Ruka Village area, we recommend you to book the taster course with the combination ticket for Gondola-lift and Rosa & Rudolf Family Park area (valid for 1 day).
No available dates for this course