School's Field trip groups for skiers and snowboarders

To get new tips for your Students riding or to learn a totally new sport with our friendly and qualified instructors is an excellent start for an unforgettable School's field trip day in the fell. In the guidance of our instructors the on piste safety rules and using the ski lifts become familiar, as well as the Ruka's diverse slope area –taking into account the group's skill level. 

The timetable is customized to fit the program of the School's field trip and the suitable sport and skill level groups are formed before hand. You can for example book Freestyle skill lessons for the pupils, who already know the basics of alpine skiing/snowboarding.

Book a ski & snowboard school for school's field trip

We recommend to book the School's field trip lesson(s) well in advance. When booking the teaching you'll get more detailed information about how to prepare for the class and where the meeting place is situated. 

The School's field trip group size is 7-10 pupils/sport and skill level. Then the price is 23€/person. Therefore it is good to check our skill levels before hand. If the group size is 3-6 pupils, then set price is 161€. The lesson is paid at the ski school's office or it can be added to the same invoice with school group's equipment rental and ski passes. You can make a billing contract with RukaBooking by phone 08 8600 300 or by email

Ski pass and equipment rental price list for groups.

You can make the booking for ski school by email or by calling 0400101636.

Please remember to check also the ski school's booking and cancellation terms.

Read more about the field trips, programs, accommodation and booking.

Snowboarding skill levels

Whether you are boarding now for the first time or you have tried it once or twice before, and you still can’t stop and / or make smooth turns on the easy (green) slope. First you will learn moving on flat ground, how to slide straight and how to stop on easy slope. We will also exercise the basics of turning on easy slope. You will learn how to use magic carpet lift. We will also practice safe fall and how to get up. You will also learn slope rules.

You can already do basic turns, control your speed and stop at blue level slopes. Now you will practice tecniques to improve your skill to next level and to become confident boarder even in red level slopes. You will also learn how to use different type of ski-lift(s) safety. 

You can already snowboard in a controlled manner on middle range slopes (red). However, on steeper spots of the slopes, you might feel slightly insecure and occasionally lose control of the speed/balance. You will exercise techniques to allow you to board challenging slopes with nice pace and confidence.

You can snowboard already with good pace even at steeper slopes. We will practice for example carving technique -to be able to board sportier and faster on more demanding slopes. Versatile practice improves balance and board control in all situations. 

Freestyle jumps and rails, Half Pipe etc. special skills training lessons are well suited for snowboarders, who already know how to ride middle range (red) slopes in a controllable manner.

Ski School meeting points

1. RUKA VALLEY / Rosa & Rudolf Family Park (at East Ruka): ski school meeting sign is nearby the entrance gate to Family Park and bottom station of the Gondola lift. 
2. VUOSSELINPORTTI meeting sign is at slope side of the VuosselinPortti rental house (at East Ruka). If you are complete beginner, we can also make first exercises there (on flat area), before moving to Rosa & Rudolf Family Park (about 5 min walk).  
3. RUKA VILLAGE: Ski school meeting sign @ PISTE is beside of the Piste Rental house front door, next to Gondola Bottom station. If you are complete beginner; you could also start the lesson from this meeting point and go together with your instructor to Gondola lift and to Rosa & Rudolf Family Park to learn to ski/snowboard.

Teaching at everyone's personal level

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