Private lesson for learning Classic Cross country skiing

This lesson is for you when you want to experience classic Nordic sport of cross-country skiing. During the lesson, you will become familiar with modern cross country ski equipment. Cross country skiing is first practiced by learning a turn-stroke and equal thrust. The terrain will be easy, to keep practicing comfortable and workout fairly easy during the lesson.

You've been cross-country skiing for some time, but there are still some things to workout on the basics skills. During the lesson you will learn a light and smoother skiing technique as well as the active use of equipment.  We’ll practice one-kick equal thrust and a good climbing and downhill technique, giving you also tips for safety descends. The terrain is easy to keep practicing nice and comfortable while your skiing gets relaxed.

You've been cross-country skiing a lot already.  And you might have been looking at other skiers how relaxed, lightweight and effective they look.  You might have got an idea that maybe you also could ski sometimes like them. Yes you can! We will train weight transfer and push. You will find a proper grip on your kick and relax slide for the support leg. The goals are active overall performance and relax skiing style, and you will be able to use different techniques depending on terrain variation. Variable terrain brings new feeling to your cross-country skiing.

It is recommendable to book 1h 45min long private lesson for learning cross-country skiing.

Book private lessons

You can book private lessons for yourself, your child, your family or for a group of friends. We recommend booking the lesson well in advance, by 15.00 the previous day the latest. When booking the lesson you'll receive further details on how to prepare for the lesson and where the meeting place is situated. Private lessons are paid at the ski school's office.

Booking online request form

Bookings can be made also by email by calling +358 400 101 636 or on the spot.

Please remember to check the ski school's booking and cancellation terms.

Price list for private lessons 2021-2022

30 min first-time ski lesson for 3-4 yrs / Snowboard lesson for 5-6 yrs
1 person 37€, to continue the taster lesson +20min: 22€

50 min
1 person 59€, +13,50€ additional person

1h 45 min
1 person 118€, +27€ / each additional person

2h 45 min
1 person 177€, +40,50€ / each additional person


If you don't have your own equipment, you can rent them in advance online and collect them ready packed from the online rental shop's service desk at VuosselinPortti or PisteVuokraamo. You can pick up the equipment already the previous day by 18.00, once you've received a text message from the rental shop. VuosselinPortti rental shop is situated close by the ski school's group course meeting place. Private lessons start either near PisteVuokraamo (at Ruka Village), VuosselinPortti or Rosa & Rudolf Family Park (at Ruka Valley, East Ruka).

Go to online rental shop

If you have not pre-booked equipment, we advice you to arrive to the rental shop at least 30min before the lesson starts. During high season we recommend you to come to the rental shop at least 45min before the lesson starts. Please, notice the time what is needed for a transport from your rental to the right meeting point.

Online rental shop price list available here.

You can also rent ski clothing from the rental shop.

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