Applied alpine skiing

Adaptive alpine skiing offers you an opportunity to experience the joy and happiness of skiing, even if you or your family member has a physically challenging injury or disease requiring personal assistance. All this is enabled by our professional adapitve alpine skiing instructors and the utilities at use. With us you get new experiences and learn more through upright skiing or sled riding.

Ruka ski school's adaptive alpine skiing classes are always private lessons, where the wishes and needs of each individual are taken into account.

Lessons are customized according to individual needs

Some skiers need utilities always, for others the tips and instructions from the teachers are enough. Skiers with balance difficulties or weak brawn can benefit from the support provided by the upright skiing instructor or from the separate support control. For example, people using a wheel chair need a skiing sled for skiing.

Assistants or friends with skiing skills are warmly welcome to join the sled lesson and we'll provide them with the required basics needed to assist sled skiing.  It is important that also family members, friends, personal assistants or guides get guidance in how one can ski slopes with a person who needs special assistance. In this way alpine skiing can become a shared activity! 

Book your lesson in advance

Book the lesson as early as possible by email or by calling +358 400 101 636. This way we can reserve a suitable instructor specialized in applied alpine skiing and also the needed utilities.

In teaching the focus points are chosen according to the style and pace suitable for each individual student. Tell your wishes and special needs to your ski instructor, who will contact you before the lesson. Together you can plan a lesson that meets your needs.

Ruka ski school has one Bi-Ski-sled (adult sixe seat) that can be rented for the lesson or for your own use. Make sure you book the Bi-Ski-sled in time both for the lesson. It can be rented also for your own use, once you know how to use it.

Please remember to check also the ski school's booking and cancellation terms.

Price list

50min applied upright skiing: 59 €
1h 45min applied upright skiing: 118 €
1h 45min applied sled skiing, incl. guiding the assistant in steering the sled, if preferred: 118 €
Bi-ski sled renting for the lesson: 19 €
Bi-ski sled renting for your own use from 10.00-13.00 / from 13.30-16.30: 30,50 €

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