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Are you new to skiing / snowboarding ? Great, let us be your guide as you discover the joys of making turns.

To get to know new sport, we will start from basics at flat ground first and then we move to easy slopes. The Rosa and Rudolf Family Park is a comfortable and fun environment outfitted with specialized equipment. There it is super easy to start this fascinating skiing/snowboarding hobby by using magic carpets and ski carousel.
Magic carpet-lifts it is most easy start to learn to use ski-lifts.There is plenty going on to keep you sliding: tubing and zip-line at playground area, and warm-up-hut to have pause.
You can read more about Rosa & Rudolf Family Park,
that is the best place to learn to ski or board!


Private Lesson is a great option, so you can learn at your own pace with a personal touch. Private lesson is always proceeding according to the participants' age, development of the skills and noticing your wishes. 

If you’re learning a new hobby as a family, our private lessons are a great way to have fun as a family. You’ll have your own instructor who’ll make sure you have some long lasting family memories! Read more about private Family Lessons. 

We teach alpine skiing, snowboarding, telemark, cross country skiing and adaptive alpine skiing on private lessons.

at 3 to 5 half-day GROUP COURSES
for English speaking clients

If you have never tried downhill skiing or snowboarding before, this is a great way to start. At the end of the course, you will be able to ski/board on your own on easy slopes and fully enjoy your new experience and skills. You can participate in a course at your specific skill level and enjoy the company of our great instructors and fellow skiers or snowboarders. New courses starts weekly at Mondays during 14.12.2020 – 19.2.2021. Read more about English skiing and snowboarding courses.


If you have never tried these fascinating snow sports before, taster course is a great way to do it. We will help you get started with it!  Price: 36€ from 12 years up. Read more and make your booking:

Try Snowboarding taster: 19.12.2020 - 20.2.2021 every Saturday at 10.00 am

Try Cross-Country taster: 16.12.2020 - 17.2.2020 every Wednesday at 4 pm

LEARN TO SKI AT RUSSIAN language courses
at New Year weeks. 

3-half days courses are great way to improve your skiing skills with our Russian speaking instructors.
Course starting dates are 2.1.2020 / 5.1.2021. Lessons are 1h45min long, in 3 following mornings.
There is also an afternoon group at 5.-7.1.2021.
Read more about Russian skiing group course, that area available for kids from 5 years up to adults, from first time skiers up to intermediate (level 3) skiers. 

For kids younger than 5 years we recommend to try first skiing / For kids younger than 8 years old we recommend to try first snowboarding at 30min or 50min long one-to-one private lesson.

Ski passes, first-time skiing/snowboarding experience

If you are complete beginner, you will need usually for the first two lessons at least the Rosa & Rudolf Family Park - ticket (10€/person/day). Or you may also buy the combination day ticket for the use of Gondola lift and Family Park entrance, that is from 3-11 years: 18€/day, and teen & adults: 22€/day. 

For your next lesson(s) to improve your skills to next level: usually during the 3rd lesson you should be ready to learn to use other lifts (pole-lift, Gondola-lift, chair-lifts) and ski/board down at blue level slopes - and you'll then need normal lift ticket (that also has access to Rosa & Rudolf Family Park). 

Read more about all kind of lift-ticket prices. Shop Ski Passes online and save 5%.
Ski passes that are bought latest the previous day before midnight will get 5% discount!

Ski School's LOW SEASON offer

For the first time beginner lesson
either 3h or 1 day equipment rent -50%

The offer is valid from the opening of the Rosa & Rudolf Family Park – 20.12.2020 /
11.1.–14.2.2021 / 15.3.–31.3.2021 / 5.4.–9.5.2021

This rental equipment-offer must be paid first with the lesson at Ski School or Rental & Lift sales desk before you go and fill out the rental information form. Remember to be at the rental at least 45 minutes before the lesson starts. 

Teaching at everyone's personal level